The Basic Steps Involved In The Building Of Diy Kitchen Island


The concept of Kitchen Island is not that old and that is why it is seen in many house settings of today. Particularly the western society has adopted this concept pretty quickly. Though people are fond of kitchen islands, however very few people know that how DIY Kitchen Island is actually made. In this little discourse of ours, we will list the basic steps that are involved in the creation or development of DIY Kitchen Island. The steps of DIY Kitchen Island development are stated in the points below

  • In the first step you need to get the framing board cut
  • The stud locations have to be marked by you in the second step
  • The side wall framing has to be laid out by you as soon as you enter the third step
  • The side wall framing has to be assembled in the fourth step
  • Get the side wall panel attached in the fifth step
  • The center wall framing has to be laid out by you in the sixth step
  • Get the cross pieces installed in the seventh step
  • Get the panel and padding attached in the eight step
  • In the night step you need to cut the Pieces(1x)
  • Get the filler boards attached in the tenth step
  • Get the end caps installed in the eleventh step
  • Get the top rail added in the twelfth step
  • Install the bottom rail in the thirteenth step
  • Get the stiles inserted in the fourteenth step
  • Get the inside panel attached in the fifteenth step
  • Get the base board installed in the sixteenth step
  • Install the side walls of the base board in the seventeenth step
  • Installed the base board’s cabinet side in the eighteenth step

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