Creativity At Its Peak In This Diy Fireplace Mantel Fixing Method


Creativity at its Peak in This DIY Fireplace Mantel Fixing Method

The fireplace mantels are always look great to eyes and considered as best to lighten up the spaces. Here is the simple process that is enough to help you in creating diy fireplace mantel.

Step 1
First of all, you need to remove the old debris by removing either old mantel or creating a large space by cleaning up the wall.

Step 2
The other step is to make marks by fixing horizontal wooden pieces in the wall. This is quite easier. The lines or marks made with the marker or pencil can also be helpful for creating diy fireplace mantel.

Step 3
This is the time for attaching mantel brace. On the line at the center point, position the 2 x 4 mantel brace. Use the masonry screws of 10 inches and attach the brace to the wall.

Step 4
The last step is to attach the breastplate. The board with measurement of 1 x 12 is required to cut the breastplate. Accept the mantel brace by notching out the 3-1/3 opening on breastplate. In the end, you need to fasten it to the wall with masonry screws of 2 inches near the top of the breastplate.

This is all about the simplest diy fireplace mantel creating process. Make sure that you don’t try to skip any step. Secondly, adding any step by yourself can have disastrous results as well. Therefore, it’s better to do it the way mentioned in the steps. Otherwise, you’d be only responsible for any blunder. Creating the fireplace mantels was considered as one of the toughest task. However, it is said to be as the simpler activity to perform indeed. You can save hundreds of dollars after doing this all by yourself.

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