Diy Decoration Ideas Using Antler


A pair of antlers surely looks beautiful in any kind of setting. The usage of Antlers has been very much there from quite some time now and according to some records, this kind of décor has been there since the 18th century. In this article we will discuss some of the best DIY Decoration Ideas Using Antler. These ideas are countless and all the ideas cannot be discussed here. However some of the major DIY Decoration Ideas Using Antler is stated in the points below

  • You can get some white antlers and utilize them as wreath
  • You can get real antlers and paint them with white color. After painting these antlers you can display in a frame of black color
  • You can get a nice white picture and place adorable deer antlers in front of it
  • You can use the antlers as wall art, you can also use some flowers as well
  • You can utilize the antlers for the holding of jewelry as well
  • You can use the antlers for the hanging of towels as well. The setting surely looks unique
  • For clothing, antlers can be utilized as decorative hooks as well
  • You can also utilize the antlers as tie backs
  • If you have a fireplace then you can surely decorate it with giant antlers
  • In place of wood, you can place antlers in your fireplace. This will certainly look unique
  • You can use antlers as chandeliers as well. The setting will look perfect as far as bedroom is concerned
  • Through some creativity, you can develop a light fixture in combination of an antler as well
  • Antlers can also be used in combination of lanterns

These were some of the best DIY Decoration Ideas Using Antler

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