Reuse Old Cd Holders For Decorative Purposes


Though we have entered into the era of USB’s and other such gadgets however still the use of CD’s is very much there. You must be having CD holders in your home or office, which you may have been using to keep your CD’s organized. If your Cd holder is damaged or if you simply want to throw it away then do not do so, as your CD holder has a variety of uses. You can easily reuse old cd holders in the following ways:

  • You can make a jewel case chandelier for yourself
  • You can also develop a nice pen holder for yourself
  • You can also developing a protector which is very much CD sapling in nature
  • You can make a nice CD jewel case lamp as well if you have the skills and time
  • You can also utilize your CD holder for the development of picture frames
  • The idea of CD planter is very much inn nowadays
  • If you have a bird or a parrot, then you can surely use your CD holder for the creation of a nice bird house
  • A lamp is very much possible through Cd Holder
  • A cable box is very much possible through CD holder
  • Your kids must be going to schools, well provide them with a CD holder lunch box
  • A belt drum can be created through a CD holder
  • Develop a nice aquarium cave through your CD holder
  • Develop a nice bee enclosure through your CD Holder
  • Wall mural can be developed through a combination of CD holders

Reuse old cd holders through proper and timely application of the ideas above. You can seek help from someone experienced in this regard too.

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